Add weight and style to your magazines with the Taylor Freelance Brass +5 Extension for Glocks! Designed with USPSA Limited Division in mind, these extensions give you the edge in magazine capacity, and weight! Adds 5 rounds of 9mm to your Glock 17 or 19 magazines. Adds 4 rounds of .40 caliber or .357 SIG to your Glock 22/31 or Glock 23/32 magazines. Works on all generation of Glock magazines.

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The added weight of the Brass +5 Magazine Extension from Taylor Freelance helps stabilize the gun during rapid fire shooting. It also helps drop the magazine out of the handgun for faster reloads! It’s very popular with competition shooters as it will help you shoot faster and more accurately. Everybody else loves them too because it provides 5 extra rounds in 9mm and 4 extra rounds in .40 caliber and .357 SIG.
Designed for Glock 17/22 and Glock 19/23 magazines…Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, Gen 4 and even the new Gen 5 magazines.