Rings and Mounts

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How to Select the Correct Rings and Mounts for Your Riflescope?

An essential part of setting up shooting equipment to get the best out of a riflescope is choosing the correct rings and mounts. You can check a variety of ring mounts at Safe Gun Shop. Let us talk about both things in detail.

Choosing the Best Rings and Mounts

Types of Mounting Rail

Picatinny/Weaver Rail

Picatinny and Weaver tails are usually found on all the heavy recoil rifles, Assault Rifles, and Hunting Rifles. Also, it is possible to place Picatinny and Weaver adapter rails on the gun hence these mounts can be used. The best feature of Picatinny and Weaver rails is the repeated grooves horizontally that are running down the rail’s length. These notches play the rile of recoil stops for the rings fitted on them.

9-11 mm Dovetail

The Dovetail rails are usually found on Rim Fire Rifles, some Centre, and Air Rifles. The receiver or rail of the rifle has two long notches, on both sides, that run down the rail’s length. There is no horizontal groove or notch and has one or more than one recoil holes at the top of the rail.

All About Rings

Ring Size

There are two different sizes of riflescope rings, 30 mm or 1”. The sizes are according to the tube’s diameter. It is the diameter of the main riflescope’s tube.

Ring Height

The size of the objective lens determines the ring height. Eventually, the right sized rings will clear the top of the barrel, without leaving a lot of gaps. There are three different sizes of the ring heights:

To choose the right height of the ring to calculate the height of the half of the wide pint, you need to know the height from below from the ring and mount to the center, choose the height of the ring mount that is more than half of the wide point. When in the ring mounts, it will make clear the barrel of the riflescope.

Usually, the shooters will try to fit a riflescope with the least clearance above the barrel. It assists the sightline to be nearer to the trajectory of the bullet, which provides the best results while altering the target audience.

Rails of some rifles will sit above the barrel. If the objective bell of the riflescope is above the barrel, then this additional difference of height can be taken into consideration.

Calculating the Ring and Mount Measurement of Riflescope

For calculating the acquired height of the rings and mounts, divide the diameter of the objective bell in halves (suppose it is 56 mm) to give a measurement of 28 mm.

This measurement of 28 mm will be the least height needed from the ring mount base to the center.

There are two sizes of the Dovetail rings; high and medium. The high rings measure 35 mm, and medium rings measure 28 mm. To make sure that there is enough clearance that the scope does not touch the barrel in this case, go for the high rings.

It is all about rings and mounts of the riflescope. Feel free to ask anything at Safe Gun Shop.