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Why You Should Choose Red Dots Instead of Iron Sights on Your Pistol?

There are numerous reasons you should choose to move from iron sights to a red dot for a pistol. With the increasing age, your eyesight becomes weak; red dots play an important role here. They become faster and easier to acquire, and different holsters permit you to carry your pistol with an attached dot. However, making a change from shooting iron to shooting a dot can be challenging, mainly if you are professional in shooting on irons.

Tips on Moving to a Red Dot

Let us talk about the three tips, which make the transition easier; hence you can prefer a dot without losing your hard-earned accuracy and speed.

1.     First Things First

The red dots help you to see better; it does not do anything with the shooting. If you want to cover any deficiencies, they would not. If you do not have a good trigger control, a red dot is not going to solve your issue. However, it is right for all the optics, and red dots can do these things quite well: They keep your eyes off on your target and gun; they work in different conditions of lighting, and they allow you to aim accurately at speed.

  • It requires practice to shift from fixed sights to red dots; however, the benefits can outweigh the additional time at the range.

2.     The Essential Thing is Taking a Start with Presentation

According to the suggested specs, suppose you have got the optic mounted. Begin at a close range; hence you do not worry a lot about the accurate placement of dot. Start at your high, extend the arms and set the dot on your target, particularly for those who know about iron sights, you need to invest more time trying to find the dot. You will love it and feel that the red dot is far better than iron.

  • When the dot is on your target, you can pull the trigger right. Pay attention to make sure that you are not moving off point-of-aim or flinching.

3.     Let us talk about a secret that works for any individual who is putting a lot of effort to find the red dot right away.

Make sure that you are working in a secure place with a backstop, and your pistol is clear. Consider a place in your home. You can turn off the lights and make the pitch dark. You need to do the same thing: Begin in the high, compressed ready, extend your arms, and locate the dot. Doesn’t it seem easy? Yes, it works. From this point, get into some live fire.

  • You will see a red dot which allows you to keep the eyes focused on the target, even as the target moves or you move.

The Verdict

If you are interested in buying red dots on pistols, you can check our website, Safe Gun Shop. Feel free to ask any question that appears in your mind while purchasing a red dot.