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Best Place to Buy Knives for Self-Defense: Safe Gun Shop

Do you ever think about using knives for your protection? There are a lot of discussions nowadays about the importance of using a knife offensively but have the chance to defend yourself with a blade.

Self-defense is a critical topic. The people who are serious about their self-protection may think many times about the weapons that suit them in particular circumstances. With a diversity of accessible options, Safe Gun Shop has a variety of arms for your safety.

How to Grip Knives for Self-Defense?

When it comes to holding a knife, there are two main grips:

  • A reverse grip
  • A forward grip

With the reverse grip, the tip of the knife is down. The tip of the knife is up with the forward grip.

There are different thoughts about the best grip. For wielding a knife, you can have a hold, but in any situation of self-defense, that choice cannot be available. The ideal grip cannot be an option during an encounter. In a fight, the blade can end up on the ground. While retrieving the blade, it can be a forward grip or a reverse grip.

Thinking About the Range

When it comes to self-defense with a knife, there are four principal ranges.

Long Range – In this range, your empty hand cannot touch the opponent while extended

Mid-Range – During the encounter, your empty hand can touch the attacker when extended fully.

Close Range – You can headbutt, knee, and elbow the opponent in this range.

Floor or Wall – When one place of the motion is removed, this range comes into effect. It takes place when up on the floor or against a wall.

Benefits of Buying Knives from Safe Gun Shop

1.     Easy to Buy

Regardless of the type of knife you want to carry, it is easy to check our website and buy the perfect item you are looking for. It is a smart move to practice with the knife; you cannot understand ballistics, going through a check before purchasing a knife.

2.     Easy to Conceal

You can choose any kind of fixed blade or a small folding blade which is easy to carry and conceal in every situation.

3.     Knives can Go Anywhere

Though several laws prohibit carrying the knife in different places, they can be taken in many areas as compared to a gun.

4.     They are the Tools

Gun is a gun. However, a knife can be used for self-defense and practice, as well as it is a tool that is practical in regular use. Trimming plants, opening boxes, cutting wire – the list depends on how you spend the days, can get long.

Bottom Line

I have seen a lot of people holding knives for self-defense. Unluckily for them, the time invested in training is minimal, at best. It is excellent if you leave the knife at home when you do not know how to use it. Carry it with you if you know utilizing it. We are offering high-quality knives for a reasonable price at Safe Gun Shop. We will not disappoint you, just send us a message and leave the rest on us.