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Long Guns and Rifles: Basic Components & Safety Tips

As the owner of a new gun, you should know different parts of long guns and rifles correctly. With the eagerness to learn about the right terms, you can talk about your new hobbies easily.

Before using, even touching a weapon, you must learn about the mechanism and parts of rifles and long guns. It is a matter of concern to handle a gun, as careless and improper handling can result in fatal or dangerous outcomes.

Here, we are going to talk about different parts of the best long guns or rifles and discuss the function of every piece. If you are a beginner to the place of firearms, you should read this before making your mind to buy one.

Basic Components of Long Guns and Rifles

Similar to any modular machine on the earth, a long gun or a rifle is also a group of multiple parts working together uniformly.

The rifle and long gun consist of three essential components. Every part has its own importance and function when talking about general performance.

1.     Action

This part plays such a role as an engine in a car. The action is the rifle’s heart. It is the section where the functions of an ejection, firing, and loading are performed.

The action consists of a trigger, hammer, and bolt assembly and usually present midway on the gun. The function of this part includes loading the cartridge, hitting it with a hammer, and ejecting the shell out.

2.     Stock

It is a rear section of the long gun, which assists the shooter in aiming appropriately, attaining stability, and countering the recoil after firing the shot. A lot of stocks were made from wood (and some still now).

With the technology advancements, a few individuals like to use polymer-based or synthetic stocks. There is a diversity of designs, and every one of them has its own benefits.

A few stocks have a foldable design, while some constitute a minimalistic design. Some of the stocks permit you to store different items, such as small medical packs and batteries.

3.     Barrel

This part is attached to the action part, is a kind of hollow rod of metal. It assists the bullet in propelling out of the gun properly. The barrels consist of spiral grooves, which offer the shell a circular motion when fired, hence stabilizing it.

The end where the bullet leaves the barrel is called muzzle. The rifle’s accuracy is profoundly affected by the barrel’s length.  If the barrel is long, it means that it has better efficiency. Likewise, the material of the barrel also influences performance.

Safety Tips While Handling a Long Gun

Before handling a rifle, you should know about these tips. Handling firearm inaccurately can result in severe damage to you or others. Remember these safety rules:

  • It would be best if you handled the gun with care and respect so that you cannot misuse it instinctively.
  • Do not point the firearm barrel at anything you do not want to shoot. When you are not aiming, keep it towards the ground. It decreases the chances of anyone getting hurt in case of shooting unexpectedly.
  • Never put the finger on the trigger unless you know what your target is and what is behind it, and you are ready to fire. Your fingers can squeeze the trigger under tension.


In addition to knowing the parts of long guns and rifles and their functions, you should be aware of the safety tips. So, thinking of buying a gun? We will help you choose the best one according to your requirements and choice. For more information regarding firearms and rifles, don’t forget to visit the Safe Gun Shop.