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Glock Store’s GSPC Custom Builds

The GSPC Custom Builds initiates with the Glock Store’s Custom Pyramid Cut Slide, where the slide’s top is cut wide open, showing about half a barrel’s length. The slide’s sides feature unique pyramid-shaped cuts. The result is a light slide that results in lessened recoil and faster cycling for improved accuracy and quicker follow-up shots. The gun does feel less substantial as compared to a standard G19, and the cuts assist with cooling. Also, the slide features the slide serrations, and the outside surface is refined and offered a less friction NP3 finish.

GSPC Custom Builds Barrel

The polygonal-rifled, the factory barrel has been exchanged with a match-grade, 5.25-inch barrel, which is CNC-machined. The new barrel includes a target crown and a broad-cut rifling; hence the shooters can use the jacketed rounds and lead ammunition. Besides, it features a bore and a feed ramp along with the oversized area of lockup for the best accuracy and tighter fit.

Tungsten Carbide Rod

The rod has been changed with a long tungsten carbide rod that adds additional weight to the muzzle end and assists in reducing the flip and recoil. The recoil spring (flat-fire) appears in a factory-standard weight; however, different weights are accessible for fine-tuning the weapon to your particular loads. Also, the upgrade is legit for the production division of USPSA.

Great Trijicon Night Sights

The slide includes suppressor-ready and great Trijicon night sights. They are easy to co-witness and acquire the reflex sight that comes with the installation on the top of the weapon. It includes eight brightness settings and 3.5 -MOA that are quietly adjusted for different conditions of shooting using the left and right buttons. Besides, it features an “auto” mode that can self-adjust for compensating for a passing cloud or bright sunlight along with moving in and out of the buildings.

Gen3 Glock Frame

The GSPC Custom Builds includes the frame which is transformed from a Gen3 Glock frame for the better. At the front strap, the finger grooves are smoothed and deepened out, which decreases the grip size while offering excellent retention. The backside of the trigger guard has the undercut that raises the placement of finger high on the grip and smooth that area out, getting rid of rubbing the shooting hand may get after an entire shooting day. At last, the trigger guard undercut at the middle point offers a space for a secure grip for the index finger.

Super Heavy Magazine

At the grip’s bottom, the GSPC Custom Builds had added a 4.4-ounce magazine of aluminum along with inserting a brass, which is considered super heavy. A magazine well is flared widely and offers changes for faster magazine and the design forces the shooting hand into a consistent and proper position of grip. Therefore, the magazine helps in the retention of the weapon. The brass inserts which extend into the grip cavity present on all Glocks adds weight at the pistol’s rear part for an improved balance.