Do you know how to load a magazine gun? The process may sound mundane and boring, but it is essential to know. Let’s talk about how to load a magazine. Here, we will talk about sharing the basics of a firearm to make it easy to load mags, how to load the weapons for increased reliability, and maintain the tool for maximum safety. Though magazines are among the failure points in a gun, it would be beneficial for you to read this article!


A lot of people know about the basics of magazine guns, while some of them think that it can be a bit demanding to load, particularly when you load higher round count into the magazine. People prefer cheap magazine guns for two particular reasons:
A beautiful, gripping surface for emergency magazine removal
Easy to clean and disassemble


When you get around ten rounds loaded, you will see that the magazine begins to feel a bit stiff. Take the thumb and push down on the top round in a magazine. After that, hit the magazine bottom against the palm of the other hand. Doing it will make the ten rounds you have loaded to act as a massive hammer, and compress the spring to the magazine bottom, permitting the next rounds to go into the magazine quickly. This trick makes loading higher round counts quite easily. After loading the magazine, take it and tap the magazine back against the palm of the other hand. It will seat all of the rounds to the magazine back. Hence the rounds are positioned in the same way as they are involved by the slide and placed into the chamber. It can assist in reliability.
Let’s discuss how to take care of the magazine to make sure they are going to run when you need them. Maintenance is essential for magazines – if there is a choice between cleaning a magazine and cleaning a gun, always go for cleaning your magazine. The firearms will run fine if they are dirty; it is the magazine that can be a weak link. It is essential to clean your mags because, with the compression of the spring, the spring gets twisted into a small ball, so mud or dirt can cause a problem. The magazines for sale are easy to clean by separating the parts. Get a cloth and use a pencil for pushing the fabric into the magazine and pull it. It will help you to take out the debris or dirt that is present inside the magazine. After that, take the cloth and wipe through the whole spring length, getting each coil. At last, ensure the detent and follower are seated appropriately on the spring and reassemble it. We hope you will find this guide helpful! Now, if you make up your mind to buy a magazine gun, send us a message or give us a call and we would love to help you.